About Webworx Ltd

Webworx is an online development company that harnesses the power of the internet through creative services and innovative business solutions.

Not only do we provide website development, domain name registration and hosting solutions, we are known for transforming businesses through our graphic design, branding and social media management services. Our dynamic team is composed of creative minds, technical experts and marketing enthusiasts.

Our innovative solutions are not just B2B focused but emcompass consumer needs as well. One such example is Ati Zingati, Zambia's first online price comparison website. With such solutions, we are proud to be trendsetters in raising the portfolio of our company in Zambia and around the world.


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By focusing on your needs, our website solutions are specific to you and your business. It's one thing to have a website but it's another to have a website that works for you. Whether you require a cost effective website or a high-end web system that intergrates your business processes, we have a solution for you.
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Our vision is to thread the world together!

Innovation is what inspires us and drives us towards our vision.

Webworx was formed on the principles of Design, Ideas and Technology. These 3 elements are the foundation of our innovative solutions such as Ati Zingati and Nzila. And through these services, we are threading the world.


Our Creative Services

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Website Development

We design and develop websites that focus on making your business processes more effecient.

Brand Development

We develop corporate brand visual elements ranging from logo's to company profiles.

Social Media Management

We make Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks work for your business.

Graphic Design

We have the design skills for your brochures, billboards and other visual media needs

Online Advertising

We have the expertise to manage your Google Ads and Facebook advertising strategies.

Digital Business Development

We employ Email marketing campaigns and various digital platforms to further your business.

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